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Free space-based multiplayer roguelike game

Tachyon is a multiplayer space combat simulation game developed and published by an independent developer - Spektor. Here, you will need to give orders to each of your team members, manage the ship’s power distribution, and select weapon targets while you’re in the middle of battle. While the game has a complex strategic gameplay, you and your friends can play at your own pace. The catch is that there is no second chance. Once you die, your character cannot return. 

A new, intergalactic world

Tachyon allows you to experience leading a spaceship while also trying to save the galaxy from destruction. The missions are dangerous as every encounter presents a unique challenge. A single event can yield multiple solutions. For example, a heavy missile barrage shuts down your shields. You can choose to reroute all your power to the engine so you can escape the ship, or charge your remaining weapons to blow your enemy out of the sky.

This spaceship simulation roguelike-like allows you to take your friends and ship on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat. Together you’ll meet a diverse alien race who will help you upgrade your ship and unlock new models. This unique combination of lifeforms and technology will be your lifeline as the world is created at random. Each play-through will feature different enemies, situations, and outcomes to your decisions. 

As the captain, you will be in charge of making the major decisions for the team. All the encounters in Tachyon is text-based, so you will need to send the best option for the game to process. Remember, every player only gets one life in this game. Once you die, there is no coming back (as that user or character). The high stakes of the game adds more weight and tension to every action. 

Create your fate in Tachyons

Tachyon is an intricate, well-thought-out game. It offers high replayability with thoughtful and intense gameplay. This submarine-style space combat game stands out from other strategy games by offering an environment that is both high-stakes but casual. Together with your friends, your decisions will determine the destiny of the galaxy. 


  • Each player only has one life
  • Environment is randomly generated
  • Best played in multiplayer or co-op mode
  • Offers free, in-game upgrades


  • Employs text-based game mechanics


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Tachyons 0.1.2 for Mac


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